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SlidePanda: Think. Storyboard. Design.

SlidePanda is a team of design enthusiasts, known for exceptional creativity, design thinking and professional standards. With over 10 years of experience working with 500+ global customers, SlidePanda has successfully delivered over 8000+ projects in the past decade.

design thinking in powerpoint presentation design

We specialize in designing Corporate Presentations, Sales Pitch, RFP Responses, Keynote Presentations and Corporate Slideshows. We bring hands-on experience working with fast paced Marketing and Sales teams from Global companies. Our team structure is aligned to deliver quick turnaround needs, yet meet the exceptional design standards we are known for.

Co-create concepts with customers

No one knows your business as well as you do. While you bring the knowledge around business concepts and the messaging, we help you present the concept better through visual storytelling. The visuals are custom created to help you inspire the world using powerful storytelling techniques.

We try to understand the thought process and the intent of our customers, that in turn help us come up with unique visual themes and design ideas. In a way, we co-create together with the customers, working closely with them, taking their ideas into account. At the end of the day, as a presenter, you must be comfortable with what you are delivering.

Each prospect is unique, a single design approach for everyone, is not going to work. We excel in placing ourselves in the shoes of the customer, to custom design something unique, that truly adds value to your pitch.

A flexible process fine tuned to your needs

A process should make work easier for all parties involved. What good is a process that doesn’t align to the customer's needs. We keep the process simple and friendly. A project manager is assigned to each project, who will be the one point of contact for all your requirements.

Our 30 minutes email response policy ensures quick reply to all your emails. Our team is reachable via phone, Hangout, Skype or any other channel that you prefer.

Some Enterprise customers have a specific requirement - probably you would like us to install certain security software, or the printed papers needs to be shredded, or you have a specific security measure that you would like our team to follow. We understand the tight security requirements and the confidentiality the enterprises are expected to follow. We are open to make those adjustments and would charge a minimal fee for any additional expenses that we incur to make those alignments.

How do we ensure design quality

Over the years, working with global companies, we mastered the art of consistently delivering exceptional quality, on-time every time. A Quality Assurance (QA) manager reviews all the projects for design quality, language errors, consistency and brand compliance. The QA changes are incorporated into the presentation followed by a final check before the files are sent to the customer. This process and stringent QA measures ensures better quality standards than your internal teams.

Continuous training, exposure to global design trends, a culture of creative impulsion makes us one of the best in the industry.

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