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7 powerpoint presentation design inspiration for creative minds

powerpoint presentation design inspiration

As business leaders, we all deliver presentation to prospects and customers on a weekly basis. I am sure you would have noticed customers appreciate creative presentation delivery.

How many times have you heard 'That's a lovely design' from your customers.

Research shows that the design, style and the format of your presentation indirectly forms either positive or negative perception about you with the customer.

Let's get creative with your next presentation. Are you ready?

To inspire you to try out creative route, here is a collection of best presentation design themes that we curated. Do go through the design themes till the end, this will be worth your time.

Inspiration 1:

Death by PowerPoint

Death by Powerpoint from Alexei Kapterev is my all time favorite. The choice of words, images and the messaging - he got this absolutely right. No wonder his presentation in Slideshare has over 17 millions views.

Inspiration 2:

Seth Godwin: Building Great Presentations

Inspiration 3:

Designing the Future: When Fact Meets Fiction

Image speaks a thousand words. So true, this presentation is filled with apt images with very little text. It leaves you with a wow feel!

Inspiration 4:

24 Design Tips from Real Designers

Checkout the presentation design rules and best practices, presented in a unique theme with subtle photo editing that makes this presentation stand out.

Inspiration 5:

The Sketchnote Mini-Workshop

The hand drawn theme, creatively combined with vintage colors makes this presentation stand out. And yes, follow the authors advice - convert your thinking into words and visuals.

Inspiration 6:

UX Survival Guide for Agile Development

Hand drawn sticky man illustration combined by minimalistic design approach explains complexity involved in building Agile teams in a simplistic means.

Inspiration 7:

MCJ Edward Tufte Notes

A visual recap of an Edward Tufte presentation, captured and illustrated by McGarrah Jessee's Lauri Johnston.

We will continue to add to this list. If you have come across any awe inspiring presentations that might help the community, do post them in the comments. We will include them in our update.

Hope you enjoy this blogs. For any powerpoint presentation design requirements, reach out to or place your order from the website. You next presentation can be in this list of powerpoint presentation inspiration. Have a great day!

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