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Investor Presentation for Atlas

The Atlas Platform enables enthusiasts and entrepreneurs to build revenue streams through the creation, promotion, and delivery of tailored mobile Activities, initially in the form of Tours & Treasure Hunts.

Here is the investor presentation that we created for the team.

About Atlas:

Atlas empowers individual and group enthusiasts to become digital entrepreneurs by creating proprietary multi-media content deployed to the Atlas app for purchase and use.

For consumers, the Atlas app is the companion that tells them what active-entertainment options are available wherever they are, and serves as the gateway to on-demand fun that fits their schedule.

The Atlas app will be configured to support Treasure / Scavenger Hunts, Guided tours, and similar on-demand active-entertainment events.

For small businesses, Atlas will become a primary advertising platform, enabling instant advertising and offers through the app’s geolocation capability.

For our clients pursuing consumers, the Atlas platform will process payments, provide a business intelligence tool-kit and similar business resources, and serve as a promotional forum.

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